Anyone Can Study Abroad Anywhere

The real pleasure of studying abroad is to connect with people from different backgrounds.
If people all over the world make friends with people from all over the wolrd through studying abroad racial discrimination will surely vanish.

Diverseas defines its vision "to achieve a borderless world without racial discrimination" based on this experience.

However, there are many obstacles when studying abroad like having difficulties finding fresh and accurate information about your destination or study abroad agencies prioritizing their own interests and providing less service at expensive charges.

We believe that experienced study abroad returnees are the best people to talk with for those who aspire to study abroad themselves.

While there are many study abroad talks and events around,
most of them are only held in big cities such as Tokyo. Compare to those who live in the cities, there are less opportunities for those living in provincial areas to meet and greet with study abroad returnees. Just like job hunting, talking with study abroad returnees is the most beneficial if you want to study abroad yourself.

We cannot deliver diverse information and experience worldwide by ourselves.
We hope to deliver accurate information and experience about studying abroad that fits your interests alongside the advisors.
"Anyone can study anywhere" - based on this motto, and to achieve this ambition, Diverseas came into be.

Here you can read about why we set up Diverseas


Hidetaka Ko

Keisuke Tsujita

Matsuya Akiko

Kazuki Tanaka

Recruiting new members

Software Engineer

You agree to our vision and problem resolution, or have strong interest in making a Web serive and you are experienced in web development.


You are proficient in PhotoShop or Ilustrator, can work in a team andyou are interested in Web design

Community Manager

You are interested in operating and managing a study abroad community.

Global operation

You know how to manage customer support for global operation

Editor for Web media

We also have a media website for international students.


We welcome experienced study abroad returnees as advisors.Here anyone with study abroad experience can become an advisor.